Specialist Fees

Treatment undertaken by general dental council registered specialists*

Consultation (Including X-Rays)  
Dr Dominic Hassall Restorative, Prosthodontic & Periodontal Specialist Restorative, cosmetic, rehabilitation or Implant Consultation  £160
Dr Robert Adams Specialist Oral Surgeon  
Implant/sinus lift bone grafting consultation £160
Wisdom Tooth consultation £75
Dr Robert Ward Specialist Periodontist  
Periodontal Consultation £75
Dr Liam Reddington  BDS  
Endodontic Consultation £75
(Consultation refunded if goes ahead with treatment)  
Specialist Reviews £80
Dental Implants  
Single Tooth Implant (Fully Restored)  from £2400
Implant Retained Over-Denture (per arch)  from £3995
Full Arch Implant Restoration (per arch)  from £11995
Implant Placement Only from £1200
Indirect restorations  
(Inlays, Veneers, Crowns, Bridgework) from £895
Oral Surgery  
Surgical Extraction  from £98
Wisdom Tooth Removal from £175
Sinus Lift (including materials) from £648
Retro-molar Symphysteal Block Bone Graft  from £800
Full Mouth Disinfection non-surgical (1 hour AM, 1 hour PM) £900
Single Tooth Root Debridement £180
Quadrant Root Debridement £400
Regenerative Surgery with Emdogain (per sextant) £804
Periodontal Surgery (per sextant) £400
Treatment abandonment fee £120
Single Canal Endodontic Treatment  £495
Molar Endodontic  and Re RCT treatment  £595
* Endodontics undertaken by a Dentist with a Special Interest in endodontics  

A fee will be charged for missed appointments and cancellations without 24 hours’ notice for appointments of 1 hour or under. For appointments over 1 hour we require 48 hours’ notice.