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Six Month Smiles

I Would Like Straight Teeth!

If you would like a smile that you can be proud of with straighter, more evenly spaced teeth; then the short-term orthodontic treatment option of 6 Month Smiles could be the solution for you.

Short Term Orthodontics (Six Month Smiles)

A relatively new treatment approach here in the UK.  Developed in the US, it is a cosmetically focused short term orthodontic treatment option with the sole aim of improving the appearance of your teeth.  It uses a discreet fixed brace, with tooth-coloured brackets and wires, and focuses on straightening only the front 6 to 8 teeth (i.e. only the teeth that show when you smile). This means the treatment is much faster compared to conventional orthodontics, which will address the position of all of your teeth.  6 Month Smiles can be used to treat crooked teeth, misalignment and unsightly gaps. In cases of crowded teeth it would be necessary to carry out some tooth narrowing to help create the space. As the name suggests, 6 Month Smiles is a quick procedure, with most results achieved in 4-9 months.


£500 off any six month smile treatment + free tooth whitening.
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If, following consultation with your dentist, it is decided that 6 Month Smiles is not the appropriate treatment option for you; then you may wish to consider Conventional Orthodontics.