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Cosmetic Dentures

Every year tooth loss affects millions of people, but we are lucky in our day and age that we have such a selection of tooth restoration techniques available, including cosmetic dentures. Missing teeth need to be replaced for several reasons:

Missing teeth can cause teeth next to the resulting gap to shift, which can lead to bite problems for some.

Bone loss and shrinkage of the jaw bone may also occur as a result of missing teeth.Lost teeth can lead to a more aged appearance due to muscle sagging that can occur as a result.

Both partial and complete dentures are available at Smile Concepts, with partial dentures being for cases where there are only a few missing teeth in need of replacing. We understand that it is not only the look of the denture that makes a difference, but also, the way it feels. Therefore, we will make sure that your cosmetic denture fits as well as possible.

Every week we get many patients who complain of loose dentures, having gone elsewhere for treatment. Here at Smile Concepts, in Solihull, Birmingham, you can have cosmetic dentures secured with implants. By providing stable support, implants will allow you to eat things that you never thought you possibly could again after suffering from loose dentures.